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Hasselblad Masters Awards 2014

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Дедлайн: 31 августа 2012

Конкурс Hasselblad открыт для профессиональных фотографов со стажем более трех лет, которые пользуются фотокамерами с разрешением 16 Мп и выше независимо от их марки и формата. Организаторы полагают, что профессиональным является фотограф, не менее 51% дохода которого получены благодаря фотографии. Возраст участников большинства номинаций более 21 года, но в номинации «проект//21» разрешено участие фотографов в возрасте не старше 21 года. Прием конкурсных снимков ведётся на веб-странице конкурса с 1 мая по 31 августа 2012 года. Имиджи должны быть сделаны цифровой фотокамерой с разрешением неменее 16 Мп, либо сосканированы с узкой, широкой или форматной плёнки. Каждый участник должен поместить 3 снимка в хотя бы одну из 12 предлагаемых номинаций. Список номинаций:

природа и пейзаж;
свадебная съемка;
предметная съёмка;
дикая природа;
подводная фотография;

Снимки будут оцениваться в два этапа. Сначала будет проведен отбор 120 финалистов. Во время второго этапа снимки будут оценены судьями конкурса и публикой, суммарный результат голосования которой будет приравнен к решению одного судьи. В итоге в каждой номинации будет определен один победитель. Призы лучшим фотографам будут вручены на выставке Photokina 2014. Также победителям будет предоставлена возможность в течение 4-х месяцев использовать технику Hasselblad для создания своих проектов.

Hasselblad//Masters 2014 submission conditions

Who May Enter

The Hasselblad Masters Competition is open to all photographers who have been active professionals for more than three years and who are using cameras of 16MP and above, regardless of brand and format. The “Project//21” Category is open to all photographers under the age of 21. The term “active professional” means making 51% of your income or more from photography.

No employee of Hasselblad, and their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, sales representatives, distributors, manufacturers, licensees or agents and their immediate family members, are eligible to participate in this Contest. All applicable federal, state, municipal, and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited. Hasselblad staff will determine entry eligibility.

How to Enter the Masters competition

Admissions start on 1st May 2012 and you have until 31st August 2012 to get your entry to us. Fill in the online Hasselblad Masters 2014 form and then click on the "Upload a Photo" link to submit high-resolution photographs. Only JPEG/300dpi files smaller than fifty (50) MB will be accepted. All files should include full EXIF/Metadata. Entrants must submit three (3) photos in at least one category and you’re allowed to enter all 12 categories so long as you submit 3 images to each one. Winners will be chosen based on the following criteria: (33%) originality of photograph, (33%) creativity, and (34%) photographic quality.

Competition Categories

Photos will be judged in 12 categories:

Fine Art:
High-quality images that have been created by an individual to fulfil their creative vision. They could be part of a set or a project or alternatively three separate images.

Photographs that capture the beauty of the natural world in all its forms, from stunning landscapes through to perfectly executed images of flora and fauna.

This category is open to photographers capturing outstanding images of any aspect of a wedding in styles that range from the traditional through to the more individual approach.

A wide-open category that covers any photography of the human form, ranging from full-length studies through to head and shoulders and close-ups, with the emphasis on creativity.

The glitz and glamour of the fashion and beauty world is covered by this category, and we’re looking for some inventive and exciting work that truly reflects the dynamism of this sector.

Here the theme is based around stories that have been told through the use of photography, and the style can range from classic photojournalism through to images that would be more at home in a newspaper Supplement.2

Here the definition of product is as far ranging as the photographer wants to make it, with subjects ranging from cars through to food or packaging being equally eligible, while the brief could be a commercial one or self set.

With every type of building from the grand through to the humble being open to photographers, we’re looking for an imaginative interpretation of the architectural theme.

This is the category that gives you full rein to enter cherished images that don’t necessarily fit neatly into any of the other categories that have been listed here.

A wide open category that covers all forms of wildlife, from the huge through to the tiny. Our only stipulation is that images depict living creatures and any entries showing stuffed or dead animals will be automatically excluded.

Project//21 is a general photographic category open to all amateur photographers, students, assistants and young professionals 21 years old and under.

As the category title suggests, the theme here is Images that have been taken underwater, and the photographer could have used any camera system above 16MP plus a professional camera housing to get the shots 


To meet the rules of the competition you need to upload three (3) images in each category you choose to participate in, and you can enter all of the 12 categories should you wish. Although you will judged on these three images, each candidate’s entire body of work may be considered for judging purposes, through the perusal of websites, links etc to access further images where desired. An entrant must hold all rights to the photographs submitted, including model releases, etc. All files should include full EXIF/Metadata. They must also grant Hasselblad the right to use the submitted images in Finalist exhibitions and online activities, which can include press articles, Hasselblad publications, VICTOR Magazine, Bulletin and website news. The photographer must have authorization to use any photos that have been previously published or are awaiting publication, Photos that violate or infringe upon another person’s copyright, are not eligible.

Submissions must be made digitally, regardless of capture form.

To be eligible, the submitted photos must be shot using either a Digital system, minimum of 16MP, or they can be scanned 35mm, medium format or large format film.

While entering the Awards, the entrant must agree to the Masters Programme rules and conditions.


Hasselblad Masters 2014 winners will receive a trophy presented at Photokina 2014 and will be sponsored with Hasselblad camera equipment for a period of approximately four months. During this time the photographer can use the equipment at their discretion to create a set of images for a special Masters Commemorative book that will subsequently be published. All winning images will be published on the Hasselblad global website, in VICTOR magazine, will be presented at the exhibitions around the world and will feature in Hasselblad advertising and Masters Partners promotions and in the Hasselblad Masters Book Vol. 4.

Полные правила участия в PDF: http://www.hasselblad.com/Masters2014-RulesAndRegulations_EN.pdf
Официальная страница конкурса: http://www.hasselblad.com/masters
Источник : http://www.photographer.ru/events/contests/5621.htm#.UAoscDG29N4

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