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Выставка и резиденция в Токио

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Дедлайн: 15 декабря 2012; 15 марта 2013; 15 июня 2013

Одна из самых крупных галерей в Токио предоставит лучшим проектам помещение для выставки. Предложение актуально для  фотографов , кураторов , книжных издателей и т.д. Количество выставочных дней может быть до 30. Выбранным участникам будет предоставлено 5 дней проживание в резиденции.

Участие бесплатное.

Upon receiving you proposal our commissioned judges will review your proposal. If your proposal is successfully approved, you can use our gallery space for 5 days or more – up to 30 days for free.
Photographers, curators, galleriests, book publishers and organizations as either initials or a group are eligible to apply.
*Our gallery space is one of the largest individual galleries in Tokyo.
*Benefits of showing work in our exhibition space include world wide publicity . Using our global network, we will be supporting the publicizing of photographers and their works, your photographic presentation or campaign, or your book launch. Any alternative proposal on photography for the best use for this gallery space is welcome – but all proposals will be reviewed and only successful proposal will receive this grant.
*If you are selected, you will receive 5-days free stay at the RPS residence.
*Printing, framing, insuring and transportation will be covered by the applicant.

Check out more info about our grant and know about who the commissioned judges are.
Manik Katyal
Svetlana Bachevanova

If you contribute to take part of in a photo exhibition, workshop, lecture or artist talk or make any contribution to the benefit of RPS – you can stay at our residence for up to 5 days. You need to submit the proposal and our commissioned judges will review the proposal.
*Printing, framing, insuring and transportation will be covered by the applicant.

Заявка: http://reminders-project.org/?page_id=259&lang=en-us
Источник:  http://fotodepartament.ru/



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