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Serco Prize For Illustration 2012

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Дедлайн: 6 апреля 2012 г

Лондонский Музей Транспорта (London Transport Museum) совместно с Ассоциацией Иллюстраторов (Association of Illustrators) проводят конкурс рисунков на тему "Таинственный Лондон" (Secret London). Иллюстрировать можно малоизвестные сюжеты или необычные аспекты касательно истории города, его культуры, характера, сообществ - как существовавших ранее, так и будущих. Задача показать Лондон таким, каким его еще никто никогда не видел. Принимаются работы вертикального формата, каждая работа должна сопровождаться эссе не более чем в 50 слов. К участию допускаются как студенты, так и профессионалы. Победитель получит 2000 фунтов стерлингов (примерно 3170$), а 50 лучших работ будут выставлены в Музеи Транспорта. Участе в конкурсе бесплатное.

London Transport Museum, in partnership with the Association of Illustrators (AOI), is delighted to announce that submissions are now welcome for the 2012 Serco Prize for Illustration. This year the theme is Secret London. Entrants are asked to create an illustration that explores a hidden side to the city. Entries can depict little known or unusual aspects of the Capital's history, culture, characters and communities - past or present. This is an exciting challenge for artists to celebrate a vibrant, multi-layered London in a way it has never been seen before.

The competition is open to students and illustrators throughout the world. The top 50 entries selected by a panel of judges will be displayed in an exhibition at London Transport Museum that will open Tuesday 13 November and run until Monday 10 December 2012. The winners will be announced at a private award ceremony on the evening of Monday 12 November 2012.

The winning entry will appear on Transport for London services as a poster and prizes will be awarded in three levels:

First prize: £2000
Second prize: £1000
Third prize: £750

The deadline for entries is 5.00pm on Friday 6 April 2012.

The Serco Prize for Illustration continues Transport for London's legacy of design that dates back over 100 years. The Museum's collection of graphic art is one of the best in the world and includes over 5,000 posters and artworks by famous artists including Man Ray, Paul Nash and Edward McKnight Kauffer.

This is the third year that Serco, who operate the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme, Docklands Light Railway and the Woolwich Ferry, has supported the competition. All these transport modes provide an opportunity to discover some of the Capital's 'secrets'.
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