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Дедлаин: 26 июня 2011

Крупнейшая международная премия Великобритании открыта для художников по всему миру. Участники - представители визуальных искусств, которые создают свои работы находясь в своей стране, регионе но их работы имеют интернациональное действие. Кто работает с отображением тем человека, общества и социальной реальности.

В сентябре 2011 года будет объявлен шортлист из 6 художников, один из которых получит £40000 , а пять других по £4000. Участие бесплатное.


One artist will receive the £40,000 prize and the other five shortlisted artists will receive a new award of £4,000 each. In addition to being one of the largest prizes in the visual arts, Artes Mundi has established a new, long term partnership with Mostyn in North Wales to develop a solo exhibition with one of the shortlisted artists in the year after the prize.

The open call for nominations begins an international research process that enables Artes Mundi to recognise and support contemporary visual artists:

- whose work engages with social reality, lived experience and the human condition
- who are established in their country or region and emerging internationally

Working with two highly respected international curators to review the nominations and select the shortlist of six artists, the resulting exhibition explores thematics proposed by the artworks.

The Artes Mundi 5 shortlist will be announced in September 2011. The exhibition will open in September 2012, running concurrently with other headline events in the UK’s visual arts calendar such as the Turner Prize, Frieze Art Fair and Liverpool Biennial. The prize will be awarded in November 2012.

In 2010 the Artes Mundi 4 Prize was awarded to Yael Bartana who will represent Poland at this year’s Venice Biennale. The first Artes Mundi Prize was awarded in 2004 to Xu Bing, a Chinese born artist based in New York. In 2006 the Artes Mundi 2 Prize was awarded to Eija-Liisa Ahtila from Finland, and the recipient of the Artes Mundi 3 Prize in 2008 was N S Harsha from India.

Artes Mundi stimulates cultural dialogue and exchange, playing a vital role in broadening the cultural experience of audiences in Wales and beyond by building networks between the local and global, demonstrating the capacity of the visual arts to communicate across the boundaries of language, geography and history. Through this interplay, we gain understanding of ourselves, of others, and of the relations between familiar and distant cultures.

Подробности и регистрация здесь: http://www.artesmundi.org/nominations-2/

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