Итальянская премия фотожурналистики World.Report Award.



Дедлаин: 7 апреля 2011

После весеннего фестиваля посвященного фотожурналитсике в провинции  Анкона (Италия) летом проходит международный конкурс. Премия открыта для профессиональных и любительских фотографов со всего мира, чья работа сосредоточена на социальных и документальных репортажах. Нет возрастных ограничений. Репортаж должен состоять из 15-25 фотоснимков.

Награда за самый сильный проект : 3000 евро. Участие бесплатное.



ArtèFoto | International Festival of Photojournalism (1st to 12th June 2011, Province of Ancona) exhibits photo-reportages from around the world prioritising stories not yet published in Italy. The festival hosts round tables with the authors of reportages and organizes multidisciplinary events around photojournalism (video projections, stories, workshop,etc.).

The World.Report Award - Italian Photojournalism Award aims at a new form of social commit- ment through photography. The award is open to both professional and amateur photographers from all over the world whose work focuses on social and documentary reportages. The award will give attention to works focussing on people and their social and cultural stories: public or private, minor or crucial, big human tragedies or petty daily stories, changes and immutability.

The story the photographer will be able to tell through compelling images that entail the definition of ‘social reportage’ will be the core of the jury’s key to interpretation. The cash award of 3,000 will be granted to the photographer whose work contributes to bring- ing people’s attention to significant social and human events and who are not usually adequately rewarded.

The winning reportage will be exhibited during the two festivals as an integral part of the 2011 edi- tions.wardSubmission Guidelines

The award is open to all Italian and foreign photographers who present social photography projects. The participation is free of charge and has no nationality or age limits. Applicants must apply as in- dividuals – collaborations are not permitted. The project area focuses on social and documentary photoreportage i.e. people’s stories, social and cultural events and mankind changes. Reportages must consist of min.15-max 25 images. The series of images will have to form a focused and meaningful story. The assessment of the jury will award the ability of the photographer to build a narrative and emotional story with a compelling series of images. Both black and white or colour pictures are admitted. The images must be submitted in digital for- mat saved as JPEG and sized to shortest dimension at no more than 1080 pixels (72dpi preferred). Please note: the image files must be named with the title of the project and a consecutive two digit number starting with _01 (e.g. amazon_01).

Post-production operations are allowed as long as nothing is added or removed to and from the original RAW file. Image cropping is allowed. The winner will have to provide the organizers with the RAW files of the images that compose the reportage. Additional digital editing will not be admitted.

The images sent will have to be final as by no means it will be possible to further edit or replace them once the award has been granted. Images should be numbered and named in the order in which the photographer would like the images to be viewed.

The complete portfolio must be sent solely by CD or DVD. For each image, caption information must be included and numbered in accordance with the referring image. Caption information should be saved in a word file and saved in the CD/DVD. The file should contain the consecutive two digit number and a picture story (thumbnails) with the referring cap- tions no longer than 50 words each. The CD should contain a project description of approximately 500 words. The presentation must be accompanied by the title, location and duration of the project, together with a resume and a key to in- terpretation. The presentation can be written in Italian, English or French. All the submissions containing the photographer’s name and/or contact information within the file name, caption field or metadata or on the project will be deemed ineligible. The photographer’s de- tails must be written exclusively in the application form.

The jury will choose one reportage and grant the photographer with a cash award of 3,000. The winner shall grant his/her presence at the award giving ceremony that will take place on a date be- tween 18th and 22nd May 2011 during the Festival of Ethical Photography in Lodi (Italy). The organization will cover all the travelling and accommodation costs. Should the photographer not attend the cer- emony, all the costs already paid for by the organization will be deducted from the prize total i.e. flight, hotel reservation etc...

The jury is composed of the two Festivals’ organizers.

The photographer grants the use of the images of the awarded reportage for the creation of an exhibition that will be shown during the Festival of Ethical Photography of Lodi from 19th to 22nd May and during ArtèFoto | International Festival of Photojournalism of the province of Ancona from 1st to 12th June. The exhibition may be displayed in other locations until 31st December 2011, with the only purpose of promoting the Award and the photographer’s work.

The exhibition will be printed by 10b Photography in Rome, (www.10bphotography.com). The prints will be returned to the photographer by post and the costs will be covered by the recipient. For future exhibitions the photographer will commit to name the Festival of Ethical Photography of Lodi and ArtèFoto | International Festival of Photojournalism of the province of Ancona as producers of the exhibition within the World.Report Award - Italian Photojournalism Award.

The organizers reserve the right of using the images of the awarded reportage for future editions of the two festivals. The photos must be sent by 7th April 2011.


подробнее: http://www.artefotofestival.org/links/documenti/eng/award.pdf

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