The Emergent Artist Award (EAA). Ваши персональные выставки в Дубае и во Франции



Дедлаин: 31 декабря 2011

Международный призыв обращен к тем, кто занимается новыми течениями в фотографии (Contemporary Photography). На конкурс необходимо подать серию из 15 фоторабот. Победителю будет предоставлена ​​возможность выставить свои работы в Дубае и в Ницце в новейшей галерее (Galerie Oscar) на Французской Ривьере. 
Кроме выставки, художник получит широкое освещение в средствах массовой информации в местных и международных изданиях. Победителю будет предложено участвовать в качестве члена жюри на EAA 2013. Также работы трех лучших фотохудожников будут публиковаться  в средствах массовой информации - продвигаться, продаваться, давая авторам возможность выйти на международный уровень.
Конкурс платный. Вступительный взнос 20$.


Emergent Artist Award (EAA) 

To understand the concept of the Emergent Artist Award (EAA), it is important to define what an emerging artist is.
An emerging artist is a person who addresses the exigency of a contemporary approach while uncovering original concepts, and by executing the artwork using innovative techniques of production. An emergent artist is also someone that has been producing artwork actively but has never had the full exposure among the art circles.
Based in Dubai, the Emergent Artist Award’s mission is to promote emerging artists by giving them exposure both in the United Arab Emirates and internationally. The EAA is conducted in partnership with the Alliance Française of Dubai, the French cultural organization, who received the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Patrons of the Arts Awards 2010 by Dubai Culture & Art Authority.
This year the Emergent Artist Award will focus on contemporary photography competition. The panel of judges will assess all submissions scoring them on technical prowess, originality, and quality of execution. The competition will close on 31 December 2011 and the top three emerging artists announced to the public during the month of January, 2012.
The winner will be given the opportunity to exhibit the artworks across Dubai and at Nice’s newest contemporary art gallery, Galerie Oscar, on the pristine French Riviera.


The Emergent Artist Award (EAA) will offer the competition’s winner a road show of 3 solo exhibitions in Dubai and France where the artist’s work will be given exposure at an international level. For the deserving first and second runners up, their artwork will be showcased on the Emergent Artist Award online gallery. The top three artists will also be publicized and marketed in art circles globally giving each of them the opportunity to have international exposure. Официальный сайт премии:
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