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Дедллаин: 15 сентября 2011

Портал G8Journey предлагает рассказать о своем путешествии куда-либо. История должна состоять из серии снимков с кратким описанием каждой и текстом о путешествии. Автор лучшее истории получит: iPad 2 16 GB WIFI. Истории должны быть на английском. Конкурс бесплатный.


You are able to enter photos and text about your travelstory between the 17th Aug 2011 and 15th Sept 2011

You have the possibility to win an iPad 2 by adding photos and text about the experience

The winner gets an iPad2 16 GB WIFI

The result is determined by a jury from the G8Journey.com team

Text about the experience should be entered into the field "Description" and should describe your travel and places you have been

The following elements are considered when determining the winner; quality of photos, text, location and number of photos

It is free to enter and register photos

A photo must describe a place, event or experience connected to a geographical place that is of interest for the many people

It is necessary to add a short text about the photo. Describing the event or the location

You are only allowed to enter pictures that you have taken or that you have the right to enter

The winner will be notified via email within two days after closure

Copyright of the photo remains, of course, with the photographer

G8Journey.com reserves the right to immediately remove any pictures that are showing inappropriate content

G8Journey.com reserves the right to use any picture, entered into the competition, for information- and/or marketing-purposes


Страница конкурса: http://www.g8journey.com/competition/tellastory.php

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