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Дедлаин: 24 февраля 2012

Открыт призыв к подаче работ на международный фотоконкурс в Лондоне. Задано пять тем: Expression; Environment; Memory; Perspective; Disorientation. Сто лучших работ будут выставлены в престижной Mall Galleries в самом центре Лондона и включены в каталог. Первый приз 3000 фунтов стерлингов, второй- 1000, атакже победитель в каждой категории получит 500 фунтов стерлингов. Стоит отметить также все сборы с конкурса пойдут в фонд благотворительной организации  Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care для борьбы с раком. Количество работ не ограничено. Участие в конкурсе платное.

The RenaissancePhotography Prize is an international photography competition (the Competition) which raises money for the Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care, registered charity number 1017658 (the Charity).

By entering the Competition you are deemed to accept these Competition Rules and the Terms and Conditions.

The Competition is open to professional and amateur photographers worldwide. If you are under 16 you must have a parent or legal guardian’s permission to enter.

The Competition will open for entries at 10.00 GMT on 5 December 2011 and will close at 22.00 GMT on 24 February 2012. Entries received after this deadline will not be accepted. No responsibility is accepted for network connectivity, computer hardware or software failures of any kind which may restrict or delay the sending of your entry.

You can enter as many images as you wish (the Entries) to the Competition.
The cost of entering (the Entrance Fees) is:
Ј15 for a single Entry ($23*)Ј25 for up to 3 Entries ($40*)Ј40 for up to 6 Entries ($60*)Fees for more than 6 Entries will be calculated using the above tariff.All monies received from the Entrance Fees (after administrative costs) will be donated to the Charity.
You can enter the same image in more than one category. Each time you enter the image will count as an Entry for the purposes of calculating the Entrance Fee. For example if you wish to enter the same image into the categories “Memory" and “Expression” this will count as 2 Entries.
You must complete the entry form and pay the Entrance Fees before any Entries can be considered.
Entries may be taken using digital or film. You can enter a combination of images taken digitally or on film as part of your entry. For example if you pay Ј25 for 3 entries, 2 of these could be images taken digitally and 1 an image taken on film.
If your Entry was taken on film, you must be prepared to produce the negative or transparency if your Entry is selected.
Retouching / manipulation of digital images is accepted provided that all works are original works and not copies of other people's works.
The Committee reserves the right to refuse pictures that it considers offensive or inappropriate to the Competition; for example pictures that are obscene, in poor taste or that incite political, racist or religious hatred.
Entries must be entered into one or more of the 5 categories: expression, environment, memory, perspective or disorientation.
You can enter an image that has previously been entered into or has won another photography competition, provided that, by doing so, you are not in breach of the terms and conditions of the Renaissance or any other photography competition.
You can enter an image taken at any time in the past.

All Entries, whether taken digitally or on film, must be submitted electronically at www.renaissancephotography.org. Scans from film or prints are acceptable. Entries will not be accepted by post or hand.
Entries must be JPEG files of no more than 1024 pixels on the longest side and not more than 1Mb in file size.
You should rename your Entries. If your name is Paul Smith and you are entering 3 images, then please name them smithp01.jpg to smithp03.jpg (with no spaces, capital letters or unusual characters).

The judges are listed on the Judges page.
Judging will take place in March 2012.
The judges will select 100 images (the Finalist Images) to be exhibited at the Mall Galleries, London SW1 from 11 - 16 June 2012 (the Exhibition).
From the Finalist Images, the judges will select 20 images (4 in each of the 5 categories) as the shortlist (the Shortlist). From the Shortlist the judges will choose:
one overall winner (the Renaissance Prize Winner);one category winner in each of the 5 categories (the Category Winners); andone winner of the Film Prize (the best picture taken on film chosen from the Finalists)Shortlisted photographers will be notified by email in March 2012. Email delivery receipt will be deemed proof of notification and any time period will run from this date. The names of the shortlisted photographers will be posted on the website.
The judges' decision is final and no discussion or correspondence can be entered into in respect of their decision.
The names of the judges are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of the Renaissance committee.

Prizes are listed on the Prizes Page.
Prize winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the private view and awards ceremony (the Private View). If the Renaissance Winner, Category Winners and Film Prize Winner are unable to attend the Private View their prize money will be transferred to them (less bank charges) within 10 days of the Exhibition.
Travel and accommodation costs are at the Prize Winners’ expense.
Prizes are non-transferable. If, however, a shortlisted winner is not able to attend the Private View he/she may ask a representative to attend in his/her place.

If your image is selected as a Finalist Image for the Exhibition, whether taken digitally or on film, you must within 10 days of notification:
Provide a high resolution 300dpi file, minimum 30 cm on the shortest side if/when resized in Photoshop. The high resolution file should be saved as a jpeg and the filesize should not exceed 10 MB when sent to the competition. Details of how to supply files will be provided at time of notification.Notify the committee if you wish to print your own image (see conditions below).Failure to provide a high resolution file within this timeframe may result in you forfeiting your prize and/or your place in the Exhibition.

If your image was taken on film and you are shortlisted, you may in addition be required to produce the negative to the committee or an agent of the committee in your country.

The Renaissance Exhibition is a charity exhibition and we work with sponsors to print high quality prints for the Exhibition from the High Res File you provide.
You may choose to exhibit your own print however please note that:
Your print must be at the size specified by the Committee;Your print must be submitted by the date specified by the Committee;You must donate the print to be sold on behalf of the Charity (Renaissance will not reimburse print costs); andYou must also submit a high resolution electronic file for potential reprints of any additional sales made after your own print is sold. 
The Finalist Images will be available for sale during the Exhibition, at the Private View and for a period of 6 months after the Exhibition to raise money for the Charity.
The sale price will be determined by the Renaissance committee.
Proceeds from the sale of the first print of an image will go to the Charity.
Net proceeds from subsequent sales of an image (after printing costs) will be split 50/50 between the Charity and you.

If a Finalist Image is part of an edition of prints, you agree to either:
Donate one of the limited edition to be sold for the charity at a sale price agreed between the Photographer and the Competition. If sold, the proceeds from the sale would be donated in full to the Charity. The Competition remain the rights to make any final decisions on pricing;OrAllow the Competition to print its own size for the exhibition. This would not affect sales of the Photographer’s limited edition outside of the competition. Sale price would be determined by the Competition. 
By entering the Competition you release the Renaissance committee and their judges and sponsors from and against all claims and damages arising from or in connection with your participation in the Competition. You agree to comply with these Rules of Entry.
You are responsible for informing the Renaissance committee of any changes to the information entered on the entry form, in particular of any change of contact details at any time before the Private View.
You agree to take part in post-competition publicity.

Официальный сайт конкурса: http://renaissancephotography.org/launch/index.php

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