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Photo Contest: Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe

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Дедлайн: 30 апреля 2014 

Европейская миграционная служба объявила о фотоконкурсе, цель которого осветить важные и положительные стороны работы и жизни эмигрантов в Европе. От каждого фотографа требуется отправить на соответствующий e-mail от 3 фоторабот и их описание. Денежная премия составит $400-1000, авторы будут приглашены на экспозицию в Брюссель. 
Участие в конкурсе бесплатное.

The International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) International Migration Programme is organising a photo contest to showcase the important and positive contributions that migrant domestic workers in Europe make to the societies they live in. The contest is part of the ILO project ‘Promoting Integration for Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe’, with the financial support of the European Integration Fund.

The contest is looking for photographs that include migrant domestic workers in the work environment (which is most often their employer’s homes), in society, or in their own homes. The photographs should bring about a positive image of domestic work and migration and demonstrate the character and resilience of these workers.

The jury will select up to 20 photos to be displayed on the ILO website and winners will be awarded prizes between 400 and 1000 euro and will be invited to present their winning photo at a public exhibition in Brussels. Participants can submit up to three photographs until 30 April 2013 and send them via email to MDWcontest(at)ilo.org.

Официальный сайт конкурса: http://www.emnbelgium.be/news/photo-contest-migrant-domestic-workers-europe-0
Источник: http://fotodepartament.ru/

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