Фотоконкурс от портал lafago 2011

Дедлаин: 10 марта 2011
Свободный международный фотоконкурс от портал lafago 2011 года ! Тема конкурса - городской пейзаж. Участники могут быть любых возрастов. Участие не требует взносов. Подать на конкурс можно только 2 фотографии. Приветствуется минимальная обработка изображений.

Our first free international photo competition of 2011 is here! The theme for this contest is Streetscape and all photographs should be a representation of this theme.

Capture a local road, city street, or sidewalk telling its own story. The most creative entries that use this theme will move on the 2nd Round to compete for two first prizes and a runner up. 1st Place will receive $200, Runner-up $100, and an Editor's Pick will win $200.

The contests allows up to 2 entries per person. Like always, the contest is completely Free to Enter, just upload your photos to your profile and enter them on this page.

This contest is open to males and females of all ages from anywhere in the world. Winners will be selected by the Lafango community.
Round 1 Guidelines

* All entries must be received by Thursday, March 10th, 2011 (12:00pm EST).
* All contestants are limited to no more than 2 image files.
* All contestants must have a user icon.
* All entries must be photographs, and not a visual/graphic art manipulation.
* Post processing editing (Photoshop) must be kept to a minimum. It is up to the discretion of the admin to determine if a photo exceeds a level of reasonable enhancement. In other words, if you heavily Photoshop your entries, there is a chance they will be rejected.
* Photographer watermarks are allowed.
* HDR photos are not allowed.
* All Winners MUST be able to verify their entry by completing an ownership verification request upon winning in order to be issued any prize.
* All contestants must agree to the complete contest rules.

Подробнее: http://lafango.com/photography-contest-2011
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