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Дедлаин: 30 сентября 2011

Фестиваль молодой европейской фотографии в Париже будет проходить в течение месяца. Организаторы выберут порядка 20 авторов которые будут экспонироваться во Франции и в дальнейшем способствовать продвижению их карьеры. Есть вступительный взнос. Подать свое портфолио на рассмотрение стоит - 5 евро.

The first edition of the festival Circulation(s) which took place in Bagatelle park in Paris last March was a very successful experience. Offering a fresh perspective on Europe through photography, the festival Circulation(s) set to light 42 young photographers which were invited to exhibit their work to a large public in a unique place.

The success of the first edition has determined Fetart to launch the second edition of the festival Circulation(s). This second edition will take place in March 2012 leading the festival Circulation(s) to become a major annual event devoted to contemporary photography.

The call for applications is aimed at all European photographers or residing in Europe in their early career of artist. The photographers will be selected on the quality of their artistic practice and the relevance of their work. There is no theme.

At the end of the call, about 20 photographers representing a large overview of the new generation of European photographers will be selected to exhibit their works.

Fetart is a French association (recognised as being of public benefit) that promotes up and coming photographers. We organise cultural events and exhibitions and aim to give young photographers their first chance to exhibit. Since the creation of Fetart in 2005, we have organised more than 30 exhibitions with over a hundred photographers. Fetart has become alaunch pad for the careers of these young artists and has brought numerous talents into the spotlight giving them a foothold in the competitive art market.

Официальный сайт фестиваля : www.festival-circulations.com

Заявление в пдф на последней странице :http://www.fetart.org/newsletter/photos/Call%20for%20application_Circulations%202012_.pdf

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