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Burn Magazine Emerging Photographer Fund 2012

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Дедлайн: 15 мая 2012 года

Целью конкурса является поддержка новых фотографов, работающих в совершенно различных жанрах. Это не грант, посвященный поддержке только фото-журналистики, или же только художественной фотографии. Организаторы заинтересованы в материальной поддержке авторов с интересными, оригинальными проектами.  
В этом году общий фонд - 15 000$, будет разделен на три гранта. 10 000$ и два по 2 500$.

We will now award $15,000. as three different grants.  We are trying to spread the love a bit.
Burn will give $10,000. to one photographer,  and two smaller grants of $2500. each . Three awards instead of one.
Each intended to get a photographer going, and with efforts on our part to create more funding to finish an essay  depending on what the photographer produces.
The whole point of these grants is to support emerging photographers in our craft. All types of photographers. This is not a photojournalism grant, nor an art photographers grant, but could be garnered by either or both. We just want to support committed authored photography of any ilk. Please click here  and see who has secured this grant in the past and who our jurors have been.
The deadline for entry will be May 15, 2012. No extensions for any reason.
Current edition jurors are Stephen DuPont, Jim Goldberg, Sarah Leen, Bill Marr, Arianna Rinaldo, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb.
In 2011 we will have published here on Burn at least 50 of those who enter and feature in advance of the announcement of the recipient at least 20 finalists.
Our Burn finalists can be published in print via Burn 01 and Burn 02  and of course we have already Burn 03 as a limited edition magazine/book in our head.

Официальная страница конкурса: http://www.burnmagazine.org/dialogue/2012/02/emerging-photographer-fund-2012/

Подача заявки: https://burn.slideroom.com 

Источник: http://fotodepartament.ru/?page_id=322

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