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Прием работ на выставку "Голос мира", Durham, Великобритания. Видео, рисунок, фотография, текстиль и т.д

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Прием работ с начала Апреля до начала Мая 2011

Международная выставка. Тема:  Cамобытность и культурная идентичность. Задача выставки заключается в поощрении межкультурного диалога и возможности расширения границ в понимании себя и других людей. Видео, рисунок, фотография, текстиль и т.д


 The UIF Cultural Exhibit will display physical works of art (video, painting, photograph, textile, written, etc.) from emerging artists around the world. All works reflect ideas revolving around concepts of cultural identity. The point of the exhibition is to leave people thinking about what cultural identity is. There are so many people who are affiliated with a country and influenced by a specific culture without truly critically analyzing this fact about themselves. Some people are affiliated because they were born but never lived in a place, others have a fully fledged identification with a specific place, others have adopted cultures from elsewhere. The idea is that this exhibit will be a means of questioning what this means.

The Ustinov Intercultural Forum is currently seeking additional artists to submit their work for this cultural exhibition which will run at the Old Fulling Mill in Durham, UK from early April to early May 2011. The project aims to create a multi-media exhibit of music, video, art, object, clothing, and any other display forms you can think of in order to create a culturally centred exhibition (even written pieces can be incorporated into the exhibit). The goal is to promote interculturality and focus on the message of Cultural Identity--the value is to be in the richness of the multitude of narratives. Cultural Identity is a very fluid and interesting concept especially in such an increasingly globalized world. Where people find their identity is proving more and more important in understanding ourselves and the people around us. Some individuals move around their whole lives and feel they lack cultural identity when those around them ascribe an identity to them because they are a certain ethnicity. Others feel a very strong affinity for and connection to their culture (a culture which can be found in place or age or heritage or interests or any other area). Any works which touch on the topic of cultural identity are welcome.


The Ustinov Intercultural Forum is part of Ustinov College / University of Durham, Howlands Farm, Durham. DH1 3DE

больше информации: http://www.dur.ac.uk/ustinov.college/collegelife/interculturalforum/uif-cultural-exhibit/
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