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Конкурс для студентов-дизайнеров от Pepsi. Лас-Вегас

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Дедлаин регистрации: 30 ноября 2011

Дедлаин подачи работ: 31 декабря 2011

Всемирно известная компания Pepsi приглашает талантливых студентов которые изучают графический и промышленный дизайн, фотографию или иллюстрацию, принять участие в разработке новой яркой и оригинальной упаковки для продукции компании. Принимаются как индивидуальные, так и коллективные работы. Отсылать можно не более одной работы. Главный приз - 1500 долларов и поездка на GlobalShop в Лас-Вегас (США). Участие в конкурсе бесплатное.

Visually quenching the shoppers' thirst in the aisles of a store is no simple task. Recognizing the importance of engaging shoppers in the in-store environment - both visually and physically - Pepsi and POPAI announced the launch of the 2012 Student Display Design Competition.
The competition celebrates student achievement, reflecting the powerful convergence of creative marketing and design in the retail setting. The competition, which will showcase individual projects created specifically for Pepsi, honors the most talented and promising student graphic designers, illustrators, and visual communicators from the world’s top institutions of higher education.
"As in-store marketing grows in importance and marketers focus more at winning over shoppers at the shelf, one discipline is seeing its star rise: design," said Leslie Nagy, senior director, Marketing Services & Licensing at Pepsi Beverages North America. "Great design has always had its place in the retail environment, but great design that leverages critical shopper insights is the path forward and we’re happy to help blaze that trail."
Each submission will be judged on the effective use of the latest display techniques, materials and overall creative ingenuity. In addition, judges will consider the real-world applicability of the design, evaluate the utilization of marketing and branding strategies reflective of Pepsi, and examine how the design leverages the shopper insights provided by Pepsi in the creative brief.
Entries will be accepted for individuals as well as team solutions. More than one entry is permitted.


The competition is open to all students who are of 18 years of age or older and are currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs in advertising, graphic design, industrial design, photography, illustration, new media, and other visual mediums of study.


• 1st Place - $1500 + flight and accommodations to GlobalShop 

• 2nd Place - $1000

• 3rd Place - $500

The top 10 finalists will be announced on January 31, 2012. The competition winner will be honored during the 2012 POPAI Awards Celebration held in conjunction with GlobalShop and the 2012 Outstanding Merchandising Achievement (OMA) Awards Contest on March 1, 2012.

Официальный сайт премии: http://www.popai.com/studentdesign/


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