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Грант на обучение в колледже искусств. США, Портленд

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Дедлайн: 1 февраля 2013 

Кандидаты со средним образованием, имеющие портфолио и владеющие английским языком, могут получить грант на обучение в Портленде.
Американский колледж исскуств Майне приглашает принять участие в конкурсе на обучение по всем дисциплинам, преподающимся в колледже. Выпускник программы получит степень бакалавра. Грант полностью покрывает расходы на обучение. Перечень некоторых специальностей:

— история искусств;
— скульптура;
— графический дизайн;
— ювелирное дело;
— рисунок и фотография;
— работа с деревянными изделиями и дизайн мебели.

Подать документы могут выпускники школ, имеющие портфолио и владеющие английским языком.
Для участия в конкурсе кандидитатам необходимо заполнить заявку на участие в программе и заявку на получение стипендии. Затем необходимо отправить портфолио в формате jpeg.

Maine College of art is a gem.  Located in the heart of the thriving Portland Arts District, MECA offers an intimate arts education in one of America's most spectacular small cities. Our mission is rooted in three important pillars: academic excellence, creative entrepreneurship, and civic engagement.
At MECA, we are committed to the belief that art improves the health of any community. The more I interact with our talented students, dedicated faculty and staff, and highly-engaged alumni, the more convinced I am that amazing things can be accomplished when creativity, passion, and hard work intersect.
The College’s new Artists at Work Center provides a platform for creative entrepreneurship to flourish in an environment where students, faculty, staff, community artists and businesses work together to improve our communities through active and innovative partnerships. Through internships, public engagement, and freelance opportunities, students prepare for their lives as makers, innovators and creative thinkers.  In combination with our strong curriculum and professional development opportunities, Maine College of Art has made a real commitment to help our graduates be visionaries and public intellectuals willing to take on problems and solve them in creative and passionate ways.
There is an undeniable air of excitement around campus this year as we announce several developments including:


Launch of Artists at Work, an initiative that connects students and alumni with professional opportunities
Introduction of Textiles, Apparel & Fashion Program
New computer lab and layout room
Enhanced space for Photography and New Media majors
New Café/Student Center that features more space and amenities
Makeover of Printmaking studies
Addition of CNC router in Woodworking & Furniture Design

As evidenced by the thousands of members of our community who excel in their respective careers, the transformational power of a MECA education continues to serve as the foundation for a lifelong pursuit of personal and professional goals.

Официальная страница колледжа: http://www.meca.edu/
Заяка на участие в программе: http://www.meca.edu/admissions/how-to-apply/application-start
Заявка на получение стипендии: http://www.meca.edu/uploads/visual_edit/scholarship-flyer.pdf
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Источник: http://theoryandpractice.ru/grants/535-grant-na-obuchenie-v-ssha-kolledzh-iskusstv

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