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Конкурс MAI. Для музыкантов, танцоров, театров. Монреаль

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Дедлаин : 1 Февраля 2011

Поддержка и организация ваших выступлений в Канаде.


International Deadline: February 1, 2011 - MAI (Montreal, arts interculturels) invites multidisciplinary and performing arts professionals to submit their creation projects before February 1.

Artists and organizations may submit projects in dance, theatre (French or English), music, multidisciplinary arts, and performance art. Artists that are selected may benefit from extended set-up periods in the theatre, creation and technical residencies. The MAI also offers audience development activities. The MAI accepts projects from local, national or international artists. There are two ways to present a show: rental or collaboration. With a collaboration, we offer technical, promotional and administrative support as well as a guaranteed fee for the producer.

Projects must be intercultural.

Preference is given to original creations that are designed for MAI's space and have not been presented in Montreal before. MAI is specifically interested in submissions in which the participation of the audience is included as a key component, either through direct interaction during the performance, through involving audience members in the creation process or engaging with local communities.

MAI presents artists of different origins and milieus, who question or challenge their cultural backgrounds while also reflecting them, and whose works may be iconoclastic or that engage in open dialogue with tradition.

Requested documents:

1. Project description, detailing the artist's intent and approach. Please also include:
* Intended dates for presenting the show, number of performances
* Preliminary setup schedule.
* List of technical requirements, including a preliminary budget.
* Synopsis or texts, when applicable.

2. Description of the project's intercultural approach.

3. Artist or company's vision statement, detailing the creative process and listing past projects.

4. List of artists, participants and partners involved.
Curriculum vitae or bio of the main artists.

5. Videos of recent works, clearly identified. Please specify if the videos are project related or from previous or recent works.

6. Copies of the press kit, program or other related documents.

7. Contact information of the person in charge of the project.

8. Self-addressed return envelope.

We are also interested in attending your shows, public performances or other artistic activities.

The artistic director is assisted in the selection by advisors in music, dance and theatre:

Deena Davida (Dance) - Artistic Director, Tangente
Rachael Van Fossen (Theatre) - Theatre Professor at Concordia and Sherbrooke Universities, Former Artistic Director of the Black Theatre Workshop.

Please send your projects and invitations to:

Regine Cadet
Artistic and Executive Director
3680, Jeanne-Mance Street, Suite 103
Montreal (Quebec), H2X 2K5
Telephone: (514) 982-1812 ext.225
Fax: (514) 982-9091


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