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Кураторам. Реализация своего проекта в галереи ISE фонда. Нью-Йорк

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Дедлаин:  31 августа 2011

Культурный фонд  ISE предоставляет возможность воплотить интересные проекты кураторов из разных стран. Так же дает пространство галереи в SOHO в Нью-Йорке на 5-6 недель и денежный грант на расходы (до 2 000$). Документы необходимые для подачи заявки можно посмотреть на сайте. Участие бесплатное.

Program for Emerging Curators is an opportunity for emerging curators to undertake the challenge of presenting a show in a non-profit art gallery in New York. The Ise Cultural Foundation gallery will select proposals submitted by curators. Curators selected through the program will present their exhibit in the ISE Cultural Foundation gallery space in SOHO.

* The length of exhibition at the gallery in SOHO, NY is for 5-6 weeks.
* The size of the gallery is approximately 2000 SQ/FT.
* Up to $2,000.00 grant is available to cover the cost of exhibition.

How to Apply
Please submit following information by SNAIL MAIL ONLY.

1. Exhibition Statement/concept (no more than 300 words)

2. Curator(s) and Artist(s) Resume

3. Artist statements (no more than 300 words each)

4. Grant Proposal (Please submit the list of expenses of your PEC exhibition. Proposed amount cannot exceed $2,000. This grant is to cover the exhibition fee)

5. Floor Plan (download the layouts)

6. Images and description of the artworks (Only images of the artworks for the exhibition. Do not send the artist's portfolio)

JPG file formats with the artist name. A description sheet should list the artist's name(s), titles, dates, media, and dimensions.

ISE Cultural Foundation will review the first three minutes of each video work. Please make a description sheet with the artist's name, title(s) of the work(s), min. of footage.

Submit your proposal to:

ISE Cultural Foundation
Attn: PEC Program
555 Broadway,
New York, NY 10012

ISE Cultural Foundation will NOT return any submission.
The postmark of the deadline date is effective.
No Entry / Application Fee.

Selection Process

STEP 1 The selection process takes 30 days after each deadline and the notification will be sent approximately 40 days after the deadline. The selected proposals will be notified of the exhibition date and the grant amount.

STEP 2 The selected curators may be contacted by ISE Cultural Foundation and asked to provide further information.
* ISE Cultural Foundation will not provide an information regarding reasons for selection or exclusion.

PEC Exhibition Guideline

* The curator(s) can not chose a specific date of the exhibition.

* Your proposal will be considered as a final plan. The curator can't change the artists or artwork after the proposal is selected.

* Installation/de-installation and delivering/shipping artworks are the curator(s) and/or the artist(s)' responsibility and they have to cover any expenses for installation/de-installation and delivering/shipping.

* ISE will insure the artworks only on display in the gallery. The total insurance value of exhibited artworks must be limited $80,000.00.

* ISE is non-profit organization, thus ISE is not sales orientated. Whether the artwork(s) in the exhibition is for sale or not solely depends on the artist(s). In the event of any sales, 25% of the final price of the artwork goes to ISE as a donation.

* The grant amount is determined by each project. Also, ISE's annual budget is not always the same and the current financial situation might effect on the grant amount. This grant must be used solely for the PEC exhibition at ISE.

* A grant will be paid to the curator(s) from ISE AFTER the scheduled exhibition and de-installation are completed.

 Форма для подачи заявки и подробности: http://www.iseny.org/usr_helio1/page_g_c_curators.php

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