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Дедлаин: 30 июля 2011

Организованная в 2007 году ежегодная премия призвана поощерять работу художников и творческих коллективов различных направлений, освещающих темы социальной справедливости и человеческих ценностей . Общий призовой фонд составляет 100 000$. Выставки выбранных художников проходят по всему миру. Так же есть категория для художников проявивших мужество показать свое искусство и находящихся в заключении за это (25 000$). Конкурс бесплатный.


Launched in 2007, the Freedom to Create Prize is a celebration of the courage and creativity of artists, and the positive influence of their work to promote social justice and inspire the human spirit. The Prize is open to all forms of art, in any creative field and any individual or group of any gender, religion or nationality. 

In 2010, nearly 2,000 artists entered from more than 100 countries. 

In 2011, a total prize fund of US$ 100,000 will be awarded to the winning artists and their nominated advocacy organisations to further the cause their artwork has highlighted.

The Freedom to Create Prize offers a range of opportunities and platforms for artists across the world. In addition to competing for the Freedom to Create Prize, all entrants are also considered for selection to: 

Perform at the Freedom to Create award festival in November 2011. This year's celebrations in Cape Town, South Africa will reveal the 2011 Prize winners and celebrate the courage and creativity of this year's participating artists. 

Showcase their work as part of the international Freedom to Create Exhibition - a touring exhibition of selected work entered for the Freedom to Create Prize. In addition to recent exhibitions in Mumabi and New York, Freedom to Create Exhibitions have also been held at the Cairo Opera House in Cairo, Egypt, HIFA in Harare, Zimbabwe and the Queen’s Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The Prize has two categories: the Main Prize, open to individuals or artistic groups in all creative fields over the age of 16 and the Imprisoned Artist Prize, focusing on artists who are currently imprisoned for their artwork. 

The 2011 Freedom to Create Prize is now open for entries via our website until 30 July 2011 (deadline extended). Please seehere for further information on how to enter the prize.

Winners of the 2011 Freedom to Create Prize will be unveiled in November 2011, at the Freedom to Create Award Ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa.

Подробности: http://www.freedomtocreate.com/prize

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