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Eco Arts Awards 2013

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Дедлайн: 15 августа 2012

Eco Arts Awards - это ежегодный конкурс, целью которого является определение наиболее вдохновляющих работ на тему экологии и защиты окружающей среды.

Конкурс проводится в 6 категориях:

1. Песня
2. Литература
3. Фотография
4. Изобразительное искусство
5. Переработанные материалы в искусстве и дизайне
6. Короткометражное видео

Призовой фонд: 1 место в каждой категории - 1000$
Конкурс открыт для фотографов всего мира, профессионалов и любителей любого возраста.
Участие в конкурсе платное.
Eco Arts Awards is a collaborative volunteer effort. We are using our own resources of time and money to make this happen. If you are truly in line with our mission to utilize creativity to expand and enrich consciousness in culture we are interested in developing strategic industry partnerships. While ecology is the primary theme we promote, we see ecology manifesting in a multitude of ways. A big component of ecology is how are we, as the stewards of our planet behaving toward one another? Are we reaching toward our highest evolutionary potential? At Eco Arts Awards not only do we feel, but we know that artists in many mediums, are an important key to unlocking global potential for higher ideals. In our first year Eco Arts Awards attracted entrants from eighteen countries, so yes this is a global affair!

Eco Arts Awards is an annual thematic arts competition. Each year we look for the most inspired works that are relevant to our ecological theme. We feature six creative categories and award one thousand (usd) to the first place winner of each.

Open to anyone worldwide with artistic talent in one of our creative genres. We anticipate getting professionals and amateurs artists of all ages

$6,000 in cash or $1,000 for the first place winner in each category. 

Fine Art
Repurposed Materials in Art & Design
Short Videos

Официальная страница конкурса: http://ecoartsawards.com/index.php
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