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Международный конкурс "Design by …". Польша

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Дедлайн: 7 мая 2012 г.

Объявлен прием заявок на участие в международном конкурсе "Design by …". Главной темой конкурса являются региональные и культурные особенности предметов быта. Эту тему и необходимо раскрыть конкурсантам. Работы принимаются в трех категориях: мебель, домашний текстиль и керамика. К участию допускаютcя дизайнеры не старше 36 лет.Лучшие работы будут участвовать в выставке World Innovation Days, которая пройдет в сентябре в Познани (Польша).
Участие в конкурсе бесплатное.

Many regions, which are currently the most influential design centres in Europe, focus their development strategies around the regional identity expressed in regional industry,  technical ideas, culture and traditions. Great examples of the effective use of local resources are Brabant and Lombardy. The Wielkopolska region follows these two role models by building its position based on local strengths being, among others, the furniture industry closely linked with the design industry, schools of human sciences, academies of fine arts, designers, organisers of cultural activities and local self-government institutions.

Support for the design industry through the education and the transfer of knowledge, including through the international conferences and competitions, is necessary in our quest to find the identity of the “new Europe”. Building on the national cultural diversity is a way to rescue it from oblivion.

The young European designers definitely use this heritage in their design works. It is a positive manifestation of their independent attempt to find their identity. To achieve this purpose the creative generation of the young designers uses many different means of communication and more and more sophisticated technological tools.

The “Design by …” competition opens a way to know and to promote the design potential and achievements of the East-Central and the East-Southern Europe.

The competition will promote those European regions which both preserve the regional identity and remain open to the changing world outside.

Conditions for being admitted to the Competition

1. The participation in the Competition is free-of-charge.

2. Only the works that have not been used in production can be presented for Competition.

3. The pre-conditions for being admitted to the Competition are to fully complete the Competition application form (available at the Competition Internet site) and to send it, together with the design presentation (prepared in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions), by no later than 10 August 2012. The submission date is the date of delivery of the competition work to the Competition Office. Any works delivered after that date shall not be admitted. The package must be clearly designated and marked with the following: Competition “Design By…”. Any works signed with a name or initials or in any other way enabling identification of a designer will be excluded from the Competition.

4. A Competition Participant (a designer or a design team) may send only one Competition Work.

The Competition Work Presentation

1. The Competition works must be presented both in the form of a product, a prototype or a model and printed boards, and in the electronic form.

2. The Competition work presentation must include:

a) 2–3 A2-format boards (glued on a 5 mm thick foam) with technical drawings, computer graphics,

b) a printed description of the project with the specification of functions, intended uses and applications for the product as well as a material and technological description (up to 2000 characters), in the Polish or in the English language.

c) a CD/DVD with graphics files with all boards that have been sent (acceptable formats: PDF/TIFF/EPS, 300 dpi – quality suitable for printing) and a description of the Competition work (in DOC/RTF/PDF format).

3. Together with the documentation, a sealed envelope with signed Competition application must be sent (the Competition form has been attached as Attachment No. 1 to these Terms and Conditions).

4. Each board, each CD and each envelope with the application form must only be marked with a six alphanumerical identification code, chosen by each Competition Participant individually.

The Competition Dates

16 January 2012 – opening of the Competition

7 May 2012 – end date for delivery of applications

10 August 2012 – end date for delivery of the Competition works

30/31 August 2012 – Competition Jury deliberations

The Competition Organiser may change the above dates; in such case, it shall correspondingly inform the Participants via e-mail.

Официальная страница конкурса: http://www.iw.org.pl/en/design-by-competition


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