Акварельное Биеннале в Шанхае 2012


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Дедлайн: 11 мая 2012

Продлен прием работ на Акварельное Биеннале в Шанхае. На конкурс необходимо представить изображение 2-х работ в электронном виде, а также анкету участника. Работы должны быть созданы в течение последних 5 лет. 15ти отобранным конкурсантам оплатят все расходы в организации дальнейшей выставки, так же поездку на открытие Биеннале и вручат денежный приз 30 000 юаней (примерно USD $ 4,700). Обратно организаторы будут возвращать работы также за свой счет. Каждый участник получит бесплатно экземпляр каталога/альбома Биеннале. Участие бесплатное.


Submission requirements:

- Each artist can submit a maximum of 2 paintings.

- Maximum size for unframed painting is 113 cm x 97cm.
(the total size of a suite of works must also be within this
Due to the number of entries and the limited wall space,
please consider limiting your painting size to around 56cm
x 76cm.

- All works should be created in the last 5 years.

- Acceptable media: watercolour
Other water soluble colours and/or acrylic should be used
in conjunction with and handled as watercolour.

Methods of submission:

1. By email: send completed entry form along with up to 2
images (in JPEG format no more than 2MB, please
ensure to include artist's full name, title and size of
works in the file name) to:      
Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript


2. By post: send completed entry form along with up to 2
photos (8 x 10 in size) to:

Quanhua Watercolour Art Gallery
No. 121 Xi Jing Jie
Zhujiajiao, Qingpu District
Shanghai 201713
People's Republic of China

Please select only one of the above methods when submitting.

Selection process:

- Stage 1: the organising committee will conduct selection
from photos and digital images of works. A short list of
works will be created for the Stage 2 selection. Artists
with short listed works will receive email detailing
procedures for send in their original works.

- Stage 2: a panel of 11 international judicators will
conduct selection from original works. 200-250 paintings
(depending on size) will be selected to exhibit in the 2012

Among these works, 15 paintings with the most amount of
votes will receive the 'Shanghai Zhujiajiao International
Watercolour Biennial Award of Excellence', each award
winner will receive prize money of RMB 30,000 (around
USD$4,700); return economy class airfare to Shanghai to
attend the opening ceremony and banquet; meals,
accommodation, and transport whilst in Shanghai.
All 15 awards are equal and acquisitive.

Fees and Costs:

- Entry is free

- The organisers will pay for all framing related costs

- The organisers will pay for all delivery costs when
returning original works

- The artists will pay for postages/delivery costs when
submitting their entry forms/works

- All exhibiting artists will receive a complimentary copy of
Album of Exhibits 2012

Entry closes at mid-night on 11th May 2012. Any entry arrives after this date will not be accepted.

Официальная страница конкурса: http://www.watercolourbiennial.com/Notice-to-Artists.html

Источник: http://kuzema.my1.ru/forum/18-541-1