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Международная программа поддержки создателей кино.Нью-Йорк.

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Фонд потдерживает независимые свободные проекты в документальном и игровом кино. Гранты в размере от 5 000 - 50 000 долларов. Рассматриваются проекты фильмов на любом этапе, включая разработку, производство и пост-продакшн.Гранты разыгрываются 2 раза в год.




The Cinereach Grants Program supports feature-length nonfiction and fiction films that possess an independent spirit, depict underrepresented perspectives, and resonate across international boundaries. We favor story over message, character over agenda, complexity over duality.

Grants range from $5,000 – $50,000 and are awarded to films at any stage, including development, production and post-production. There are two letter of inquiry deadlines per year (Summer and Winter), after which a selection of applicants are invited to submit full proposals. The Cinereach grants committee meets twice a year to review the proposals. Each cycle, between five and 15 projects are selected to receive support.

Funding Priorities
Through cinematic artistry and storytelling, Cinereach supported films:

• Provide insight and spark dialogue
• Challenge prejudice and advance human rights
• Discover humanity and hope
• Foster global community

Cinereach seeks to form lasting and meaningful relationships with the talented, dedicated, and creative people we support. In addition to our funding, Cinereach provides networking opportunities, community and recognition. We invite an open and continuing dialogue.


Cinereach Grants
126 Fifth Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10011
ph: 212.727.3224


подробнее: http://www.cinereach.org/grants/granting-program-guidelines

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