Грант для кураторов , реставраторов, музейных техников, менеджеров от немецкого культурного фонда.


Screen-shot-2010-09-03-at-8.34.13-PM-300x85Дедлаин: 31 марта 2011, 31 сентября 2011

Стипендия в размере 1300 евро в месяц + оплата проезда + бонусы на проживание и работу в Германии. Грант разыгрывается дважды в год.



Foundation would like to contribute to practical further education in arranging and realizing fine art exhibitions. It therefore awards scholarships to:

- curators
- restorers
- museum technicians
- cultural managers

from transformation and developing countries who have arranged a guest period, practical training period or non-paid work at a German museum, a state gallery or in cultural management at a German institution.

The Rave Scholarship is a working scholarship and requires the holder's presence. It includes the following payments:

- A monthly lump sum of 1,300 Euro for a scholarship period of three to six months
- Travelling expenses (to and from Germany)
- Married person's supplement if the spouse is present in Germany
- Assistance with health insurance (also for spouses)
- German course

Подробнее здесь: http://www.ifa.de/en/foerderprogramme/rave-foundation/ravestipendien/

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