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Гранты скульпторам от английского фонда Генри Мура.

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Для скульпторов, крупные гранты на различные цели: новые проекты, обучение, лекции, на выставки и каталоги, предоставляется английским фондом. Подробно изучите требования к проектам и цели фонда.

The Henry Moore Foundation Grants Programme has supported many hundreds of projects and exhibitions both in the UK and abroad. Last year alone it gave over £1 million in grants to projects that reflected the aims of the Foundation. The Foundation was established in 1977 "to advance the education of the public by the promotion of their appreciation of the fine arts and in particular the works of Henry Moore". It concentrates its support on sculpture. These aims are achieved through specific projects initiated by the Foundation and by giving grant aid to other suitable organisations.


1] New Projects
This includes exhibitions, exhibition catalogues and commissions. In order to encourage ambitious proposals, a very small number of grants may be awarded as follows: £40,000 (exhibition), £15,000 (exhibition catalogue) and £60,000 (commission). Applicants are asked to bear in mind that most awards will be substantially less than these sums.

2] Collections
This category of minor capital grants is intended to help public institutions acquire, display and conserve sculpture. The maximum sums available will be in the region of £15,000 (acquisition), £20,000 (display) and £20,000 (conservation).

3] Fellowships for Artists
The Foundation awards grants worth up to £6,000 each to artists, supported by host institutions, for fellowships or residencies between 2-6 months. Joint applications may be made at any time and the number of fellowships awarded will depend on the resources available in any year.

4] Conferences, lectures and publications
Sums of up to £5,000 will be available for the above. A publication might be a book or a journal but not an exhibition catalogue or a permanent collection catalogue.

5] Research and development
The purpose of this category is to assist sculptural projects that require funding for more than one year, whether creative (e.g. a contemporary commission), academic (e.g. a permanent collection catalogue) or practical (e.g. a long-term conservation project). Maximum sums will be in the region of £20,000 per annum.

6] Post-doctoral research fellowships
The Henry Moore Foundation will offer a small number of one-year post-doctoral fellowships in the field of sculpture studies at a British university from the autumn of 2010. The awards are primarily to help scholars recently awarded PhDs to prepare a substantial publication. Applicants must show that they have an affiliation with a university department.

One fellowship may be tenable at the University of Leeds, in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, in association with the Henry Moore Institute. Applicants for this fellowship should indicate how their topic would contribute to the research work of the School and that of the Henry Moore Institute, as the fellow would act in a liaising role between these institutions.

Applications and all enquiries relating to grants should be sent to:

Alice O'Connor
Grants Administrator
The Henry Moore Foundation
Perry Green
Much Hadham
Hertfordshire SG10 6EE

Email: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript

Applications should be posted. A copy can also be sent by email.

Your application will be acknowledged by letter post.

After the meeting:
The results of the meeting will be conveyed to the applicant (by letter post only), within ten working days of the meeting date.

If your application is unsuccessful: the decision of the Grants Committee is final. It is the Trustees' policy not to give any feedback as to why your application has failed.

If your application is successful: The Terms and Conditions of the Grant will be sent to you with your award letter.

Более подробно на сайте фонда: http://www.henry-moore.org/grants


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