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Международная групповая выставка в музее Марка Шагала.Витебск, Беларусь.

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Дедлаин: 20 февраля 2011г

Wanderer Ship был одним из последних известных судов, которые привезли африканских рабов незаконно в Соединенные Штаты в 1858 году. Это групповая выставка  - призыв к тому чтобы художники высказались на тему афроамериканского движения за свободы. "Wanderer Ship" будет рассказывать о жизни и смерти, рассказы и отчеты о прошедших событиях, помня о прошлом и надеемся на светлое будущее. Интерпритации художников прошлого, настоящего или будущего их глазами.

Все виды искусств кроме видео.



The title of the exhibition is 'Wanderer Ship'. Wanderer Ship was one of the last known ships that brought African slaves illegally to the United States in 1858. This group exhibition will tell view points about African American experiences from Slavery to the Civil Rights Movement to Obamas Presidency and beyond. 'Wanderer Ship' will tell stories of life and death, narratives and records of past events of former times and conditions, remembering about the past and looking forward to a brighter future. The artists interpret former, present or future times thru their eyes, experiences and prejudices, expanding them in all directions with their creative minds.

- February 20, 2011: Deadline for receiving entry in jpeg form.
- February 28, 2011: Accepted Artists Notifications sent by e-mail.

No Entry Fees. It's Free.

General Information and Instructions:
Work should be made specific to the 'Wanderer Ship' theme or if you have work previously created and related to this exhibition and meets these exhibition requirements you're welcome to submit.

- Media:
Drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, printmaking, digital/new media, photography, collage and mixed media. Work can be a range from realistic to abstract. No size limitations.

- Art Statement:
Your submission must include a maximum one-page statement about the submitted work.

- Resume:
No more than 1 page. Include your education, exhibition records and contact information.

- Images:
Digital images in jpeg format should be submitted on CD. Submission images on CD's must meet the following specifications: FILE NAME artist's last name (underscore) first name, followed by the entry number (i.e. Smith_John_1.jpg. Clearly label the disc with the artist's full name, title of works, medium, year created.

Image files should be in HIGH QUALITY JPEG format images. Images must be oriented properly (i.e. top of image is top of artwork), nor contain borders, frames, or margins except as part of the actual work.

Address to mail images and information:

"Wanderer Ship"
c/o Mela Marsh
15052 Danbrook Drive
Whittier, CA 90604

Entry Checklist
1. Resume (No more than 1 page)
2. Art Statement (1 page)
3. Digital images of submitted work with SASE if you want returned if not accepted.
4. Your contact information on separate page: email address, mailing address, phone etc…

Mela M. is a professional artist, curator and adjunct art professor who works in her studio in downtown Los Angeles. Melas's work has been shown at the Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, Ca., Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, Ca., Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, Oregon, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, Ca., Urban Museum of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Museum of Contemporary Art Minsk, Belarus, Patricia Faure Gallery, Santa Monica, Ca. and other exhibition spaces.

Back in 2006, Mela M. curated a group of 55 American artists exhibition called 'From America' which was shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Minsk, Belarus. You can see the artists work as well as 'A Brief History of Contemporary Art - From America' essay on the website.

Страница куратора выставки: www.MelaMStudio.org

Стница Витебского Музей Марка Шагала: http://www.chagall.vitebsk.by/

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